Top AUDIO JOCKEYs will also be offered company ESOPs, once they cross 5000 followers

Audio Jockey payout Slabs November

VerifiedNon – Verified
Number of FollowersPer user / Show payoutPer user / Show payout
1001 – 20002015
601 – 10001510
401 – 600128
101 – 25054
**Slabs will be revised from December

Weekly MultiplierNumber of audio shots liked (Cumulative in a week)
350 & above3 times
201 – 3502 Times
101 – 2001.5 Times
Upto 1001 Times
The total amount earned from live rooms will get multiplied with the multiplier, slabs might be revised from December

  • Audio shot multiplier will get reset for each week
  • Only cumulative count will be considered for multiplier for the week. Week starts from Monday and ends on Sunday
  • Payout will be based on the number of users joined per session and the slab user is in
  • User should spend at least 1 min inside the room to be counted as successful user and for the audio jockey to become eligible for his payout
  • The money will be transferred to the Paytm accounts of all the hosts, once a week
  • Daily report of earnings will be published by the Justbaat team to all Room hosts


If 20 users joined in a show for more than a minute and the creator follower slab is 1000+ and has 270 cumulative likes on audio shots for that week then the payout will be:

20*20*2 = 800Rs per session

If this creator is doing a room for 30 days in a month then 30*800 = 24000 Rs a month

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