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Self-Love: The Know-How

They say, ‘It is your body that was always there since the start, and will always be there with you till the end of your life – and that’s quite fair. So, self-love must be […]


Life Lessons You Learn From Failure, Betrayal, Rejection & Heartbreaks

What if we’re taught that Failures are pillars of success? Sounds odd? Well, success comes from a Latin word, which means, to follow. And that’s why it is an ongoing process. It is perfectly human […]


Quick Tip: How To Conquer Your Anger

Learning to conquer anger is easy. All you have to do is to be watchful whenever you’re angry. Interestingly, as soon as you become aware that you’re angry, your anger will start to subside. Anger […]


Why Is It Important To Understand The Other Viewpoint?

Does it happen to you that somebody is asking for a way to reach your address over a phone, and you both are unable to understand each other? What if your Dad is screaming and […]


Know your emotional triggers

One common trait found in people with happier lives is their positive attitude. To turn obstacles into opportunity, you need a positive attitude. How you perceive a situation is how it will develop further. We […]


Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE)

Childhood trauma, mainly known in medical terms as ACE (adverse childhood experience), becomes so deep-rooted that it is likely to affect your adult life. Your risk for problems is much higher if you’ve had three […]


IPL: 10 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Cricket

IPL, the T20 cricket carnival, is back. The COVID-19 pandemic may keep fans away from the stadium, but it cannot dampen the spirit of the cricket fans who will enjoy this 52-day long tournament on […]


Impostor Syndrome: When Your Wins Trigger Self-Doubt & Destroy Your Emotional Well-Being!

We all have those moments in our lives where we doubt our abilities, and that’s perfectly human. But how do you deal with a situation where you not only doubt your abilities but also question the credibility of your achievements? What do you do when you believe yourself undeserving of all the success that you have achieved? How to deal with this belief that you are nothing but a “fraud”?

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