Know your emotional triggers

One common trait found in people with happier lives is their positive attitude.

To turn obstacles into opportunity, you need a positive attitude. How you perceive a situation is how it will develop further.

We all have things that set us off. To know what stresses you out can help increase your emotional intelligence. Once you’re aware of your triggers, you can actively manage how you react to them — instead of letting them control you.

Few examples of these triggers and their after effects:

– BITTERNESS shows you where you’re holding onto deep, unresolved resentments.

– EMOTIONAL DISCOMFORT shows when something doesn’t align with your beliefs.

– JUDGING OTHERS shows you where you judge yourself.

– RAISING YOUR VOICE is a sign of feeling unheard.

If you’re facing any discomfort with your emotions and unable to cope with it, talk to us and our expert will help you overcome your troubles.