Life Lessons You Learn From Failure, Betrayal, Rejection & Heartbreaks

What if we’re taught that Failures are pillars of success? Sounds odd?

Well, success comes from a Latin word, which means, to follow. And that’s why it is an ongoing process. It is perfectly human to fail. Surprisingly, every successful person has failed once or more. But not every failed person becomes successful. The ones who take failures as a lesson and work upon themselves improve. Isn’t failure, then, an efficient teacher?

Betrayal is always felt when your trust in someone is broken. Trust is a faith without any rationale, logic, or evidence. You can’t say show me evidence and I’ll trust. No! That’s not trusting at all. Trust always happens without evidence. And by its very nature, trust can simply never be betrayed. Because it is unconditional. If your trust has conditions, it is just a bargain. So betrayals can never even happen to YOU. It is other’s doing, not your business. You have trusted & you still do but moved on. And that makes Betrayal a bubble-breaking teacher 🙂

When we are fearful of rejection & heartbreak, we simply don’t realize our real worth. The worth of our being can never be dependent on others’ opinions.

While our ego needs another’s viewpoint of us, our being needs nobody’s opinions. The egoist has to compromise a lot, to look good in other’s eyes. The more we are liked by people, the more we need to polish our ego further. And hence, the fear of losing it all. If we realize the worth of our being, we are already complete in ourselves. So one rejection or just a heartbreak is enough to teach us what we are worth 🙂

If anything rejection, heartbreak, failures, or betrayal must bring to you, it should be a smile – as you have the opportunity to learn now.

Live fearlessly!