Self-Love: The Know-How

They say, ‘It is your body that was always there since the start, and will always be there with you till the end of your life – and that’s quite fair. So, self-love must be all about loving your body. Isn’t it?

Well, that is what most people go by, but unfortunately, it is not. Your ‘self’ compromises not only your physical body but your mental body as well. And, these two bodies are aligned with each other so well that we can only differentiate when we are aware of them.


You will be surprised that others will start loving you if you love yourself. Yes! That’s true. And when you love yourself, only then you’re able to love others, not before that. Just like when you hate yourself, you start hating your world around you. So, loving yourself becomes more important as it gives you freedom. It is nourishment to your soul, just as the right food is nourishment for your physical body.


There are many aspects of looking at what stops you from loving yourself. If we look at the world in general, it compromises authoritarians in the form of government and religious commune. And nobody from them wants you to love yourself. They make you love your country, your countrymen, God, love humanity but never tell you to love yourself. Because they know that loving yourself will make you revolutionary, rebellious. It will make you aware of things that exploit you, oppress and deceive you. They teach you to make you spiritually weak for their gains, to impart more fears, so you fall back into their guidance. They have created a society that sees someone loving herself as an egoist, a narcissist. We must understand that self-love is selfless. That’s the paradox.

What stops you to look at yourself daily, like you look at others? What stops you from cherishing your own body, your choices, your failures for what you have tried, your smile, your laughter, your sins, your scars? For years you are hearing your name from others, what stops you to call out your name and hear it from your own sweet voice sometimes? What stops you? Now you know.


Our mind is full of things that we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. And we keep building upon memories because these five survival senses we’re gifted with, every day. It is time to be aware of your being, to be in touch with you. And of course, by keeping these five senses aside every so often. Close your eyes, select a soundless place, there is no touch, taste, and smell. This is one way to feel your being. You will realize a calm inside you. You will know the sound of your breathing. Of course, the mind is a prick, and it will bombard you with numerous and irrelevant thoughts. But here’s a trick to know, that mind is always present in the past or the future. The moment you give your attention in this very moment, it disappears. Practicing this will make you love your self like you have never loved before. Your self is a treasure you haven’t explored.

Besides this, be responsible. The word comes from the word responsive. By being responsive to a situation in front, you will know what is a need and what is a desire. If your situation demands going to a therapist or counseling, even that is self-love, a part of self-care.

Another one is – forgiving. Not only forgiving yourself but also forgiving others. Don’t put a burden of hate and vengeance of others inside you, forgive them, and move on accordingly. You will be surprised to see that it will be you who will benefit more from forgiving others.

These are few of the many things you can try to self-love and make your living healthy.

We wish you immense emotional wellbeing and the power to love yourself from today.