Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE)

Childhood trauma, mainly known in medical terms as ACE (adverse childhood experience), becomes so deep-rooted that it is likely to affect your adult life.

Your risk for problems is much higher if you’ve had three or more negative experiences, called adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

These include:

Abuses – Physical, sexual, emotional; Neglect- Physical, emotional; witnessing domestic violence, substance misuse within the household; mental illness within the household; parental separation or divorce, incarceration of a household member.

While these are severely traumatic events, other stressful events that don’t necessarily meet the psychological definition of trauma can still cause problems.

According to the medical researchers, below are the 5 personalities and they are most likely developed due to a stressful childhood.

1. The Overachiever – They are super ambitious and always accomplishing it all, but have difficulties acknowledging their progress.

2. The People Pleaser – They say yes to everything in a fear of making anyone upset.

3. The Strong One – They don’t cry or express much emotions and keep their problems to themselves

4. The Perfect One – They set extreme standards for their physical bodies and outward appearance in order to keep up a mask.

5. The Caretaker – They set out to help everyone around them, but ends up self-abandoning.

JustBaat emphasizes more on the ways to deal with it by creating an awareness on the root causes to better implement the recovery plan.

One of the most successful treatments is exposure therapy, where the idea is to expose yourself in small doses to the thing that was most traumatizing, with someone there to support you. In case you find difficulty approaching a therapist, you can talk to us at no cost.