Why Is It Important To Understand The Other Viewpoint?

Does it happen to you that somebody is asking for a way to reach your address over a phone, and you both are unable to understand each other?

What if your Dad is screaming and looking to find his belt early morning & you are like ‘It’s just a belt! Little did you know, maybe that belt is the last thing he received from his mother as a gift.

The other point of view is as important as yours. What the world is seeing so far, is that people rather try to make others understand their perceptions instead of understanding each other’s viewpoint. And that’s what lead to most of the conflicts.

Saying and understanding others’ perceptions are two different things.

Ask yourself:

– Am I getting what situation s/he is in?

– Am I offering something that will actually help them forward?

The very understanding that everyone has different experiences which create their perceptions is the first step to realization. This will go a long way for a healthier and fruitful relationship around you.